Hong Kong protesters turn airport into art workshop

Hong Kong : Using an x-acto knife, Winnie Wat cuts strips of masking tape and sticks them onto the terminal floor of Hong Kong’s international airport, where hundreds of pro-democracy protesters are holding a three-day sit-in.

Referring to a design on her phone case, the secondary school teacher fixes tape in horizontal lines to create a Hing Kong ambigram, a word that can be read differently depending on its orientation. In Chinese, “Hong” one way reads “peace” the other way.

“We are all witnesses,” said Wat, who is in her 30s. All around her, other black-clad protesters are cutting stickers, assembling posters, painting illustrations and creating graphic designs on their computers.

“Everyone is doing what they can do. There is no one [in control],” she said. When it comes to promotional materials for the anti – government protestors, creation and contribution are completely egalitarian.

On Friday, Hong Kong’s international airport could have been mistaken for a studio. Many of the dozens of black-clad protesters participating in the sit-in used the terminal floor to design and disseminate art informing travellers of the civil unrest that has roiled the Chinese territory for the past 10 weeks.