Indian-Origin man convicted as part of prostitution gang in UK

 London: An Indian-origin man is among four members of a human trafficking gang in the UK found guilty of forcing their victims into prostitution and sham marriages.

Anil Wagle, 37, had denied the charges of running a trafficking ring of women from Slovakia along with Vojtech Gombar, 61, Jana Sandorova, 28, and Ratislav Adam, 31, but all four were found guilty at Scotland’s High Court in Glasgow on Friday for crimes carried out between November 2011 and February 2017.                 

Some of the victims gave evidence during the trial and revealed that they were sold to Pakistani men for sham marriages to try to obtain visas for their fake husbands.

“It’s a heinous crime,” said Detective Inspector Steven McMillan of Police Scotland, who led the five-year investigation into the trafficking ring dubbed Operation Synapsis.

“It’s horrific to think that people think it is acceptable to buy and sell other human beings as a commodity, to have no thought for the impact and trauma it is going to have on them,” he said.

The officer the investigation as a complex and challenging international operation. The force said it identified 14 victims, all of whom were vulnerable and all of whom were targeted because of that vulnerability by people within their own community.