Modi govt should adopt Rao-Singh economic architecture: FM’s husband

Chennai: Economist Parakala Prabhakar, who is Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s husband, said the government is in “denial mode” over economic slowdown and “is yet to show signs that it has come to grips with what ails the economy.”

While expressing his views in an opinion piece for The Hindu, Prabhakar said that the Modi government must embrace the “Rao-Singh economic architecture”.

“The BJP has not challenged or rejected Rao’s 1991 architecture. A full-fledged embrace and an aggressive pursuit of it even now could provide the BJP and the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi a lodestar to steer the economy out of the choppy waters it is in at present,” he wrote.

Prabhakar went on to add that the present BJP leadership is “sharply aware” that the economy pitch did not work for the party in 2004, adding: “It took care not to offer the economic performance of its government as a claim for re-election. It instead chose, wisely, a muscular political, nationalist, security platform.”

The Hindu has described Prabhakar as: “former Communications Adviser to the Government of Andhra Pradesh and is Managing Director of RightFOLIO, a knowledge enterprise based in Hyderabad.”